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Nikon D5100

Welcome to Digital Advice, a website dedicated to helping solving any technical issues with devices and data.

Primarily focused on DSLR cameras and iPad/iPhone usage, we will try to also help you find solutions to tricks and techniques on getting around the confusing jungle of the different data formats and making them usable.
Feel free to contact us about your problems you’re trying to sort out or any hints you think others should know and we’ll add it in.

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  1. Going insane trying to fix my d5100 settings, I have the following settings for a white background three point lighting system. 1/60th, 5.6, ISO 1600 and +1.5. I have one video that looks great and another that looks like absolute crap, shooting in manual mode. Is there any way you could help? I'll seriously pay you.

    • It's a tricky thing determining what changed between to separate video takes. Did you take still pictures before you started recording the video? They usually can help in determining the problems (hence the reason I suggest you snap a still just before recording the video) and can help to see if either your exposure dropped, the mode it was shot in, etc.

      Usually, if you're using full-manual mode to shoot video, you are rarely going to get the same results. That's the biggest reason to use the Aperture priority mode and be careful of your adjustments so you can get repeatable results.

      If you followed the technique I detailed, you should get consistently the same results, assuming the lighting is unchanged. If you did follow the technique, I'd love to figure out what's going on. Any way to see the differences between the videos so I can help diagnose the problem?

  2. We are a community group in London making short films. Just purchased two D5100s (over the D3200 BTW). A big thank you for the Shooting Better Video blogs (1-3). They explained the problems we were having perfectly and have given us solutions we can use. ;o)))

    • Hey Jo,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m really happy to know my articles are indeed helping people out!

  3. I really like your videos on setting up the D5100 for video. My question is about connecting the D5100 to my laptop. A short background. I am an artist teaching art and what I want to do is video the class instruction as it happens with the camera connected to my laptop and the laptop connected to my tv screen. I have the tv screen connected to my laptop with an HDMI cable. So I would like to connect the camera to the laptop. what cable should I use? Can I then video the lesson as it progresses and have those images viewable on the tv screen? I don’t need to store or save the video, so could by-pass the SD card -- maybe?

    • Hi Ian, I believe you are looking for a video capture system for your computer to handle the video live streaming from the camera. To be able to show any raw video from an external source, a computer system needs a video input port or device to convert the signal into a format the computer recognizes and can work with. I’m unfortunately not working with this on my setup as I don’t handle any live streaming myself. I have historically used video capture equipment to help bring in media from older systems, but no longer have any need as all the recordings are in workable formats and end up getting edited to work.

      If you just want to stream the video and the TV has “Picture in Picture” mode, hook your camera to the TV instead and use the picture in picture mode to show your second HDMI in.

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