Nov 072012
Nikon D5200 Cameras

I’ve noticed Nikon announced the Nikon D5200 and from one video on Youtube, it looks like it supports (amongst other things) manual mode for movies.

Personally, I can only hope they also update the D5100 firmware to do so as well.

What do you think of the new D5200?

If you already have a D5100, would you upgrade to a D5200 for Manual Mode or would you rather upgrade to a more significant camera? Comment below!

  2 Responses to “Nikon Announces D5200”

  1. I really hope they will upgrade the firmware of the d5100 to allow full manual control in movie mode. I've just bought one especially for video work, and I'm baffled and extremely disappointed by its stupid limitations. The hardware is great, but the software seems to be dumbed down intentionally which is just frustrating. I'd have never bought this camera if I had suspected it beforehand. I still find it hard to believe…

    • Me too, grg… Me too.

      If Nikon won’t update the firmware, then let’s hope the hacked firmware project will be able to sort out what needs fixing from the D5200’s firmware to make it work on the D5100.

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